About A & C Logistics

A and C logistics is a Logistics company as the name suggests with the ultimate goal of simplifying the transportation process to your customers. The A and C standing for Alice and Coco, are people of great value to us and form a strong pillar to the success of the company.
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Our Services

As a company, our services are tailored to client needs, We do not offer a one size fits all approach to customer needs because we believe every customer is unique and therefore needs a unique approach to meet their demands. We represent your brand at every point in the delivery process.

How We Operate

We work with seamless technology. At A & C Logistics, we offer our clients easy to use user interface and well-integrated portal to help you easily navigate your way giving you the best user experience possible.

Contact Us

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Contact Details


+1 (614) 880-8000

6161 Busch Blvd, Suit 104, Columbus Ohio 43229